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These machines are the ultimate in film converting!
BRUXSAFOL CEO Michael Brux is convinced of the Nepata solutions

Whether Winfried Brux would have expected in 1975 that by importing coated films from the USA to Germany he would lay the foundation for BRUXSAFOL Folien GmbH to become one of the most established and recognised suppliers of high-quality self-adhesive films in Germany in 2023?
At least it was clear to the trained painter and plasterer that films that could filter infrared and UV rays were a novelty on the German market, and he also successfully implemented an expansion of the distribution network into several European countries in the 1980s. Today, building films, which include sun protection, safety and decorative films, still represent one third of the company’s portfolio. The areas of paint protection films and car wrapping each account for another third.
BRUXSAFOL is the exclusive trading partner (Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland) of XPEL, the world-renowned manufacturer of paint protection films. In addition, the Hammelburg-based company has established an exclusive brand with worldwide success in the field of car wrapping with its own brand PWF (Platinum Wrapping Film) in just 10 years.

But no matter which film from the three corporate sectors is involved, one thing is crucial when it comes to processing them: precision.

A high accuracy of over 99.9

The Nepata machines are characterised by an extremely high accuracy in wrapping – this is over 99.9 %. With one metre of film, the deviation is therefore less than one millimetre, which means less waste, fewer rejects and fewer customer complaints for the retailer. The ConvertPlus control software, which is part of the Nepata machines, also contributes significantly to increased efficiency, more accurate work and error prevention. The ConvertPlus control software, which is part of the Nepata machines, also contributes significantly to increased efficiency, more accurate work and error prevention.

It is not only the precise and fast work of the Nepata conversion centres that convinces the employees at the machines every day. When rewinding, cutting to length and slitting high-priced films, clean winding, optimum web tension and the absolute integrity of the films also play a decisive role. All these points are guaranteed with Nepata machines.

“With some high-priced films, every centimetre determines whether we make money on them or not. Reducing waste was therefore one of our main concerns when we purchased a Nepata machine.” (Michael Brux)

Rewinding, winding, unwinding, cutting to length, length measurement, etc. of roll media up to 1850 mm wide
Slitting and cutting of roll media up to 1950mm width
Rewinding speed up to 1.0 m/s
Wrapping speed at up to 1.5m/s
Wrapping up to 1650mm width, parting up to 1900mm width
Control via ConvertPlus2 software incl. Barcode labels for customer and stock rolls

Part of BRUXSAFOL’s work processes for eight years now

In the meantime, there are not only two UA1650 ADWS conversion centres in BRUXSAFOL’s modern halls, but even a UA1850 ADWS with a cutting width of 185 cm, specially made at Michael Brux’s request. It is the personal exchange of needs and concerns that on the one hand ensures the continuous development and optimisation of Nepata’s machines, and on the other hand strengthens customer satisfaction – in the case of BRUXSAFOL since February 2015.

This means that Nepata has now been part of BRUXSAFOL’s work processes for eight years and is thus part of a success story that is second to none.


3 short facts that can be nicely presented

compared to simple wrapping machines


by avoiding waste and errors


through barcode labels and software integration

“These machines are the ultimate in film converting!” (Michael Brux)

Success Story Profot

Efficient, error-free and fast work is the top priority in the warehouse of the Muri-based company Profot. Nepata's conversion centers are therefore the optimal solution for Fabian Hux and his team.

Success Story Signvision

Swiss company Signvision chose a Nepata UA1850 E ADWS when the go-ahead was given for the largest 3M solar control film project in Europe. Precise pre-cutting of the original rolls from 3M made it possible to achieve almost 100% utilization of the material, as the high-priced films could be cut to the widths required in each case and thus optimally prepared for exact cutting by the Zünd plotter.