Foil separator

The Nepata Foil Separator is a breakthrough innovation that eliminates plastic waste and reduces expensive disposal costs. This world first enables the delamination of self-adhesive films, allowing the PVC material to be separated from the backing paper and recycled. Until now, defective film rolls had to be disposed of at high cost due to the combination of plastic and paper. The Nepata DL1650 film cutter automates this process and can cut a 50-meter roll in about two minutes. With a maximum roll size of 350 mm diameter and 1,650 mm width, valuable materials can be wound separately. The machine offers a high level of ergonomics and operator safety and can be loaded and operated by just one person. By using the film separator, companies can reuse valuable resources and take a more sustainable approach to film production.

Foil separator – avoid waste & reduce costs

Flexible working width up to 1650 mm
Rewinding speed of up to 1.0m/s
Coreless winding of covering material