ConvertPlus Software – More Control, Zero Errors

ConvertPlus software to integrate Nepata wrapping & cut-to-length machines into your logistics process and inventory control system. The software has an auto-import interface for reading in delivery bills and product data. It can process input from barcode scanners and output customizable labels to a label printer. It is possible to create manual cutting orders, to process delivery bills sequentially or to optimize production orders across several delivery bills. All production data can, in turn, be fed back to the ERP system, thus displaying inventory management in real time.

Automation of film logistics

The basis of all work at ConvertPlus is a product database that is created from your ERP system or imported via an Excel list. This must include at least the article number and a product description, but can also contain much more data, which is available in the processing in ConvertPlus and can ultimately be printed on the labels for the stock roll or for the customer roll. Here we are very flexible in processing your data.

Heart of the workflow with Nepata machines

The control software is at the heart of Nepata’s solutions for efficient film conversion. ConvertPlus is a Windows-based software that we at Nepata have developed and programmed in-house. It establishes the connection between your ERP system and online store, where the orders for film rolls are taken, and the machine that processes the films and where the ordered dimensions are created from the stock material.

High productivity, fewer errors

The basic idea of ConvertPlus is to optimize all processes. It is designed to help ensure that film logistics run as smoothly as possible, free of errors and waste while maintaining high productivity. The customer receives very precisely what he ordered. Thus, neither goods are given away due to inaccuracy, nor the customer is annoyed by rolls that are too short or wrong deliveries.

Label as a basic principle

ConvertPlus uses a simple principle: all rolls are equipped with a barcode label – both the stock rolls and the customer rolls. These labels are freely designable and are printed individually for each order.

Complete system

ConvertPlus stands for more than just a software license: we also supply a computer peripheral package in conjunction with our machines – a complete system consisting of a Windows PC, touch screen, high-quality barcode scanner and label printer.

NEPATA ConvertPlus2 converting software introduction video

“ConvertPlus is the key to success and economical working alongside our machines at the customers. Through our software it is possible to control both the wrapping and cut-off machine, as well as to keep track of what is in the warehouse at all times.

Orders can be processed quickly and mixing up the customer and parent rolls is no longer possible by attaching the label created by ConvertPlus.”

Josef Geier (Head of Production & Resource Planning)

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