Rewinding machines

Nepata’s rewinding and slitting machines offer a wide range of options for efficient and precise processing of roll media.

The UA770, UA1650 and UA1850 E models are specifically designed to meet different requirements. The UA770 enables winding and trimming of media up to a width of 770 mm and is ideal for processing flock and flex films. With a maximum working width of 1650 mm, the UA1650 is ideal for the sign distributors, while the UA1850 E, as an economy model, is a more economical option for smaller film retailers with a web width of up to 1850 mm.

All machines are characterized by high precision, productivity and user-friendly control. The ConvertPlus software enables seamless integration and efficient management of the converting processes.

Nepata wrapping machines – precise classics

Rewinding speed up to 1.5m/s
Rewinding and cross cutting up to 1650mm width
Control via ConvertPlus software optional
Coreless, coreless rewinding, rewinding, unwinding, cutting to length, etc. of roll media up to 770 mm wide
Inner diameter winding approx. 33mm
Sleeve diameter unwinding 3″ or 2″ (optional)
Rewinding, rewinding, unwinding, cutting to length, length measurement, etc. of roll media up to 1850 mm wide
Wrapping speed up to 1.0 m/s
High precision wrapping
Rewinding speed up to 1m/s / 3ft/s
Rewinding and trimming as wide as 770mm / 30in
Operation via ConvertPlus2 software