The best argument for our products:
Satisfied customers!

In over 20 countries worldwide, Nepata’s solutions enable companies to increase productivity, eliminate waste and errors, and improve workplace ergonomics. Success Stories illustrate the satisfaction of our customers with authentic testimonials from day-to-day business.

Success Story Profot

Efficient, error-free and fast work is the top priority in the warehouse of the Muri-based company Profot. Nepata's conversion centers are therefore the optimal solution for Fabian Hux and his team.

Success Story Signvision

Swiss company Signvision chose a Nepata UA1850 E ADWS when the go-ahead was given for the largest 3M solar control film project in Europe. Precise pre-cutting of the original rolls from 3M made it possible to achieve almost 100% utilization of the material, as the high-priced films could be cut to the widths required in each case and thus optimally prepared for exact cutting by the Zünd plotter.
"Whether you see the color of a film on the screen or live is a huge difference - with color cards you can convince better - never so easy, fast and cheap to have some made - full cool, call!" Fabian Franke, CEO

Success Story BRUXSAFOL

Since February 2015, Nepata's conversion centers have been part of Bruxsafol's work processes - and thus of a success story that is second to none. In the meantime, there are not only two UA1650 ADWS conversion centers in BRUXSAFOL's halls, but even a custom-built UA1850 ADWS with a cutting width of 185 cm.

Profit from


compared to simple wrapping machines


by avoiding waste and errors


through barcode labels and software integration


instead of the struggle for qualified specialists


Opens up new market segments and service opportunities