DL 1650 foil separator for defective foil media

This first of its kind invention avoids plastic waste and its expensive disposal: The delaminating machine separates the film from the backing paper of self-adhesive films. In this way, recyclable, unmixed PVC can be obtained from defective film media. During the manufacture of self-adhesive films, the coating process, waste material is created. Previously, the faulty film rolls required expensive disposal, because the bonded plastic and paper can’t be recycled. The Nepata DL1650 film separator is the worldwide first machine to facilitate automatic delamination: It separates a 50-meter roll in around two minutes. Rolls of up to 350 mm in diameter and 1,650 mm in width can be processed.

The DL1650 separates the layers and rewinds PVC film and kraft paper individually. At the film side, this process is coreless, whereby pure material is generated. The developers paid particular attention to ergonomics and operator safety: Only one person is required for equipping and operating the machine. This person can conveniently load the film roll from below, for example by using a lifting device. At the end, the machine automatically swivels off the separated materials and pushes them out laterally via a roll conveyor.

From there, the recovered recyclables can be ergonomically removed. A laser scanner gives a warning should a person inadvertently enter the hazard area during operation. During setup, the expansion shaft is moved by a foot switch in a safe mode. The film separator was developed individually for a German film manufacturer. There it is in 24-hour operation.

Data & Facts


Flexible working width up to 1650 mm

Geschwindigkeit 2

Rewinding speed of up to 1.0m/s

Geschwindigkeit 3

Coreless winding of covering material

Geschwindigkeit 4

Automatic swivel off and pushing out of separated rolls

High rewinding accuracy of < 1mm/m / 99.9 %

Highest level of operator safety

Speed 6

Best ergonomics, machine can easily be operated by one person

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Technical data

Max. Working width
Max. Roll diameter unwinding
Max. Reel diameter winding with sleeve
Max. Weight due to manual removal
Max. Weight due to manual removal
Maximum diameter is limited depending on material, width, necessary web tension and roll weight.
Max. Reel diameter winding without core
Max. Winding speed
1 m/s
Sleeve diameter
Max. Media thickness
Max. Roll weight
Power supply AC voltage
230 V / 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power input
Working environment
+ 5°C bis + 35°C
Dimensions machine only (H x D x W)
1200mm x 1050mm x 2850mm
with roller conveyor and protective fence (H x D x W)
1850mm x3000mm x 4450mm
Maximum diameters are limited depending on material, width, necessary web tension and roll weight.

Materials that our
Machines can process

  • Self-adhesive films, sandblasting films
  • Masking films, car wrapping films
  • Magnetic foil, flex foils, flake foils
  • Sun protection films
  • Digital printing media, banners
  • Photographic papers
  • Papers, wallpapers Reflective self-adhesive films
  • Mesh

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