Automatic roll storage system with vertical robot

Automation, efficiency and control for your warehouse processes

In almost all converting processes, roll media must be stored and retrieved. This can mean thousands of rolls and hundreds of picks per day in a value chain.

The traditional storage of rolls and the way to the converting area (and back) cause significant costs and time losses. Despite high-speed sortation, inefficient pick-up and drop-off times persist, while shelving eats up valuable space and damages roll surfaces. Nepata has the solution: Innovative automatic storage systems for roll media that revolutionize the pick-up and delivery process and increase your efficiency.

Optimize the storage of your roll media with our innovative, customized storage systems

The Nepata Automated Roll Storage System (ARSS) is designed for small to medium roll storage with a total capacity of up to 3,000 rolls. In addition to the software-based optimization of processes, the system is characterized above all by the small footprint required for storing the rolls. In each case, the system is individually adapted to the customer’s requirements in terms of dimensions (footprint, height), total capacity and number of transfer stations.


The roller storage system with vertical robot is based on a steel rack structure with horizontal mandrels on which the rollers hang very compactly. An automatic, vertical 3-axis robot sequentially moves to the rolls required for each job. Its specially designed tray gripper lifts the roll slightly from below, then lifts it down from the mandrel. The gripper then places the roll in a free transfer station. As soon as a roll is ready, the machine operator can manually open the transfer station like a drawer and remove the roll. The machines are ideally placed directly next to the transfer stations at the back of the storage system for optimal workflow. The storage of used rolls is done accordingly. For safety reasons, the robot warehouse is completely fenced in.


The supplied software of the robotic storage system can be fully integrated into the well-known Nepata control software ConvertPlus. The provision of film rolls is triggered at an early stage via the production queues. The control software optimizes the storage locations of frequently used films in order to reduce travel distances. The automatic storage system also signals when a new roll of a material is needed. This can then also be set at a transfer station. On the software side, it is also controlled that those rolls are preferably used which are already older or optimal with regard to the remaining length, in order to avoid overaged rolls and too short remainders.

“Automation to counteract shortage of skilled workers and overwork!

Many companies in the industry face the difficulty of not finding suitable personnel for logistics tasks or using existing capacities in a more value-adding way. The sickness rate due to the physically demanding work and the fluctuation due to the high workload also pose major challenges for companies. With an ARSS, personnel capacities can be saved and burdensome work can be minimized. Invest spare capacity in new growth potential for your business!”

Dominik Haas (Technician)

Data & Facts

We know what we do
  • Worldwide establishment of the solutions of foil converting of Nepata for 10 years
  • Optimal complement with our partner CH System – specialists in logistics automation with 50 years of experience
Flexible service when it counts
  • Close cooperation with our partner CH System for comprehensive service and regular maintenance
  • Uncomplicated and fast remote maintenance
  • Technician secondment
Designed for longevity and durability
  • State of the art technology
  • High quality components
  • e.g. Siemens Simatic control and Siemens motors
Flexibility and adaptability
  • Variety of customization options
  • Adjustments of dimensions, weights, pick times and capacities
  • Integration of Nepata machines or other devices
  • Connection to ERP systems or ConvertPlus software.
Process oriented planning
  • Analysis of your current processes
  • Tailor-made solution for efficient warehouse processes
Forward planning
  • Detailed calculations and analysis of your data for individual design
  • Possible challenges who are identified in advance
Elimination of pick-up & drop-off times
  • Work steps that do not add value are reduced to the reduced to a minimum
  • Relieving the burden on employees
  • Acceleration of processes
Process optimization
  • Improvement of logistics processes
  • Enormous optimization potential in combination with slitting machines from Nepata
Maximization of delivery reliability
  • Higher pick speed
  • Accelerate converting workflow
  • Increase delivery reliability
Growth despite shortage of skilled workers
  • Free up capacity in non-value-added activities
Facilitation of gripping and lifting operations for warehouse personnel
  • Minimization of physically demanding work
  • Reduction in sick leave

We will be happy to work out an individual offer for you!

Whether wrapping, cut-to-length or slitting machines, cut-off machines or roll storage systems – we are happy to adapt our products individually to your needs and workflows.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!

Dipl. Ing. Fabian Franke (CEO)

Technical data

Film rolls with different outer diameters and widths. Each roll is equipped with a manually applied adhesive tape that secures the roll from opening and unwinding.
Rollers core diameter
Ø 3" (75-77 mm), if necessary also smaller diameters
Max. Rollers diameter
205 mm
Max. Rollers weight
30 kg
Max. Roll width
Total capacity
depending on configuration approx. 400 - 5,000 rolls
Transfer stations
depending on configuration, approx. 1-5 compartments or 1-3 film trolleys
Cycle time
approx. 45 s per full cycle (1 roll fetch, 1 roll bring)
Steel structure
Carbon steel, powder coated
Siemens SINAMICS S120 Servo
Power transmission
Timing belt
Siemens Simotion D425
HMI interface
Normal ambient conditions
Customized according to customer requirements
Customized according to customer requirements
Soil condition
Horizontal flat bottom (1 mm deviation per 1 m)
Mains voltage
3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage
230 V, 50 Hz, 24 V DC
Compressed air
At least 6 bar, dry and clean, at the location of the machine
Robots are considered a dangerous zone. Light barriers required in combination with safety fences
Noise level
Maximum 75 dB (S) measured at 1 meter from the equipment

Materials that our
Machines can process

  • Self-adhesive films, sandblasting films
  • Masking films, car wrapping films
  • Magnetic foil, flex foils, flake foils
  • Sun protection films
  • Digital printing media, banners
  • Photographic papers
  • Papers, wallpapers Reflective self-adhesive films
  • Mesh

Further optimize the machines with accessories

In addition to excellent basic equipment, it is also possible at any time to adapt Nepata machines even better to the respective needs and workflows with suitable accessories! From lubrication systems, telescopic levers to tape dispensers – stop by our accessories!

“Since development, production and sales are all under one roof, changes or customer requests can be implemented quickly and easily – if possible – thanks to the short distances.

Contact us today for a no-obligation informational consultation!”

Simone Zopik (Sales Manager)

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