UA1850 ADWS rewinding and slitting machine

The UA1850 ADWS is our most accurate and comprehensive converting solution and a globally established system for vinyl distributors and vinyl, as well as tape manufacturing. In addition to high-precision rewinding and automatic cutting to length, the UA1850 ADWS also supports accurate slitting of many film-type media down to a residual width of 50 mm.

The continuous swivel shaft at the top can be operated almost effortlessly and easily, and the threading and unthreading of empty cardboard tubes or finished film rolls takes only seconds. The adjustable end position of the swivel shaft ensures ergonomic working even for small employees. An automatic pneumatic clutch ensures vibration-free rewinding and slitting. The slitting unit has a rolling blade that can be locked if required. It is mounted on a smooth-running axial slide and can be easily positioned by means of two digital displays for a relative and absolute dimension. A line laser always marks the cutting position. By pressing a button with the left hand, the axial slide is blocked and the film roll is tensioned; with the right hand, the film roll can now be tapped.

A new type of pad lubrication system is available as an option, which directly and sparingly wets the blade with a lubricant, permanently cleans the blade and brakes it. This system leads to significantly better browse results for most media.

Film rolls with a diameter of up to 400 mm can be set up on the unwind. A maximum diameter of 280 mm can be wound and tapped on the upper shaft. The maximum media width for rewinding is 1850 mm, while rolls up to 1900 mm wide can be set up for cut-off. With the FastCut feature, the process time can be reduced when cutting sheets via ConvertPlus.

“The precision of our converting centers is 1A for both coiling and cut-off. We are very proud of this – and the feedback from our customers speaks for the fact that we are right to be!”

Daniel Dotterer (Head of Workshop & Service)

Data & Facts


Wrapping speed at up to 1.5m/s

Geschwindigkeit 2

Wrapping up to 1850mm width, parting up to 1900mm width

Geschwindigkeit 3

Control via ConvertPlus software incl. Barcode labels for customer and stock rolls

Geschwindigkeit 4

High precision rewinding <1mm/m

High rewinding accuracy of < 1mm/m / 99.9 %

Perfect ergonomics due to adjustable swivel shaft

Speed 6

Smooth-running slitting unit with double digital display

Speed 7

Pneumatic shaft coupling for vibration-free wrapping and parting off

Speed 8

Minimum cut-off width at the left film end only 50mm

Speed 9

Unique jaw lubrication system for metered wetting of the blade during parting off

Speed 10

Line laser on the cut-off head for exact marking of the position of the cut-off blade

We will be happy to work out an individual offer for you!

Whether wrapping, cut-to-length or slitting machines, cut-off machines or roll storage systems – we are happy to adapt our products individually to your needs and workflows.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!

Dipl. Ing. Fabian Franke (CEO)

Technical data

Max. Working width Wrapping
Max. Rewind roll diameter
Max. Roll diameter Unwind
Max. Wrapping speed
Max. Working width parting off
Max. Roll diameter parting off
Sleeve diameter
3" (2 "optional)
Minimum parting width left
Accuracy when cutting to length
< 1mm/m*
Measurement accuracy
< 2mm/m*
Max. Media thickness
Max. Roll weight
Power supply
AC voltage 230 V / 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power input
Working environment
+ 5°C bis + 35°C
Dimensions (H x D x W)
1860mm x 960mm x 3225mm
* Depends on material being used. We will gladly provide you with information.

Materials that our
Machines can process

  • Self-adhesive films, sandblasting films
  • Masking films, car wrapping films
  • Magnetic foil, flex foils, flake foils
  • Sun protection films
  • Digital printing media, banners
  • Photographic papers
  • Papers, wallpapers Reflective self-adhesive films
  • Mesh

Further optimize the machines with accessories

In addition to excellent basic equipment, it is also possible at any time to adapt Nepata machines even better to the respective needs and workflows with suitable accessories! From lubrication systems, telescopic levers to tape dispensers – stop by our accessories!

“Since development, production and sales are all under one roof, changes or customer requests can be implemented quickly and easily – if possible – thanks to the short distances.

Contact us today for a no-obligation informational consultation!”

Simone Zopik (Sales Manager)

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Control via ConvertPlus2 software incl. Barcode labels for customer and stock rolls
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