VIDEO: Why NEPATA machines? General advantages General advantages

Nov 18, 2020 | Nepata rewinders

If you have five minutes of free time, check out this video. Find out what […]

If you have five minutes of free time, check out this video. Find out what makes NEPATA solutions a worthwhile choice for you, too … NEPATA organized a digital summit to serve as a substitute for canceled trade fairs. In this keynote, NEPATA CEO Fabian Franke talks about the advantages NEPATA machines have over other manufacturers and how they can add value to your operations:

  • No waste or too short residual rolls, thanks to precise winding
  • No return orders from customers due to short rolls
  • Increased productivity and efficiency, better ergonomics and safety
  • 40% time savings and more, compared to simple devices
  • More profit due to less material waste and fewer replacement deliveries to customers due to rolls that are too short or incorrect
  • Successful return orders to roll manufacturers with batch tracking
  • Simplified inventory thanks to barcode labels with roll lengths on all rolls   More Videos from the Digital Summit

"We are continuously working to develop and improve our products to meet customer needs and gain competitive advantage. The materials and requirements of our customers often differ - through close exchange we can achieve learnings, optimize our products and thus enable our customers to achieve even better results."

Dominik Haas (Technician)

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