SOLUTIONS: Effective slitting of marking strips, barrier tapes and more

Aug 28, 2020 | Nepata rewinders

Social distancing labels and markings – this market is blowing up right now. Advertising technology […]

Social distancing labels and markings – this market is blowing up right now. Advertising technology companies are receiving increased demand for slitting solutions. Many companies are currently working to capacity in order to produce marking tapes made of adhesive film or reflective films. Slitting off unprinted or pre-printed PVC films is also a big topic. This is where NEPATA’s slitting solutions come into play: With the aid of our special machines, tapes can be assembled quickly and flexibly from large rolls. This doesn’t just save time in the production, for purchasing and logistics benefits can also be taken advantage of. NEPATA has recently presented several innovations for better and more precise slitting. These set our ADWS models apart from the competition. Here’s how our machines cope well with many materials, including difficult materials and narrow belts:

  • The new 5mm slitting blade with a large, beveled cutting-edge allows for easy slitting of narrow tapes and even tough materials such as reflective film and application tape.
  • The unique flange lubrication system provided at the slitting head wets the blade with silicone oil in a very targeted manner.
  • The line laser accurately displays the position of the blade on the film or paper surface.
  • The telescopic slitting lever provides more control over the slitting process.

Watch this video for an introduction to the 1900 ADWS slitting machine …  

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Dominik Haas (Technician)

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