MACHINES: What the new Coreless winder can do

Nov 16, 2021 | Nepata rewinders

The NEPATA UA770 Coreless for coreless winding at 77 cm web width is a real […]

The NEPATA UA770 Coreless for coreless winding at 77 cm web width is a real specialist – for all those who do not need a core when winding.

Film rolls, paper, wallpaper …

Whether flock film, flex film or HTV – rolls with very short run lengths do not necessarily need a cardboard sleeve. And certainly not with wrapping paper, wallpaper, baking paper or BBQ butcher paper. Another example is water activated tape.

Can wrap especially tightly

Coreless winding is, in principle, possible with all NEPATA winders. However, this requires replacing the standard 3” shaft with a special 2” shaft. You can save all that with the new NEPATA UA770 Coreless. It is designed right from the beginning for sleeveless winding. But above all: The inner diameter of the “Coreless” is only about 33 mm after winding. Can work quickly and accurately With a winding speed of up to 1.0 m/s, a high production capacity is possible. Approx. 140 rolls of 3 m length each can be produced per hour, or approx. 160 rolls of 1.5 m length. This is done so with the utmost precision: during winding and automatic cross-cutting, the deviation is less than 2 mm per meter. Can pay for itself quickly Not only the powerful features, but also the elimination of errors and waste bring a quick return on investment. Aside from the fact that not using cores saves a lot of money anyways …. See how the UA770 Coreless works in this video. Interested? Request a quote here  

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Dominik Haas (Technician)

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