KNOW-HOW: ConvertPlus2 control software series – #1: The basic principle

Nov 25, 2020 | Nepata rewinders

Our control software offers enormous opportunities for improve the workflow. Today we introduce you to […]

Our control software offers enormous opportunities for improve the workflow. Today we introduce you to the basic principle. Today we introduce you to the basic principle.

The heart of the workflow with NEPATA machines

The control software is at the heart of NEPATA solutions for efficient film conversion. ConvertPlus2 is a Windows-based software that we created at NEPATA, and which we develop in-house. It establishes the connection between your ERP systems and online shops, where orders for film rolls are received and fed to the machine that processes the films, and where the ordered dimensions are created from the stock material.

High productivity, fewer mistakes

The basic idea of ConvertPlus2 is the optimization of all processes. It is designed to help ensure that logistics run as smoothly as possible, free of errors and waste, while also achieving high productivity. The customer receives precisely that which he ordered. Thus the business avoids giving away goods due to inaccuracy, while also sparing customers the inconvenience of receiving rolls that are too short or wrong deliveries altogether.

Label as a basic principle

ConvertPlus2 uses a simple principle: All rolls are provided with a barcode label – both the warehouse rolls and the customer rolls. These labels are freely designable and individually printed for each order.

Complete system

ConvertPlus2 stands for more than just a software license: Upon request, we can also supply a computer peripheral package in conjunction with our machines – a complete system consisting of a Windows PC, touch screen, high-quality barcode scanner and a label printer.

The advantages at a glance

  • Full control over your finishing process
  • Zero mistakes by checking orders against material labels
  • Easy integration with ERP systems
  • User administration for order tracking
  • Log files for full traceability
  • Batch number tracking from the manufacturer to the end user
  • 100% NEPATA product – we will gladly adapt ConvertPlus2 to your specific needs

Learn more about the applications and features in this video

"We are continuously working to develop and improve our products to meet customer needs and gain competitive advantage. The materials and requirements of our customers often differ - through close exchange we can achieve learnings, optimize our products and thus enable our customers to achieve even better results."

Dominik Haas (Technician)

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