FILM LOGISTICS: Optimizing – #3 dealing with cores

Mar 25, 2021 | Nepata rewinders

We have tips for you for more efficiency in film logistics. This time: Clever ideas […]

We have tips for you for more efficiency in film logistics. This time: Clever ideas pertaining to cores.

By NEPATA CEO Fabian Franke. With our tips for film logistics, we don’t just want to provide suggestions on how things can be more relaxed and efficient in your warehouse. We also focus on profitability. Today, I have a thought for you – perhaps a little unusual at first glance – about handling cardboard cores. Only long cores left in stock Oftentimes different core widths are kept in stock, matching the respective film widths of: 122 cm, 61 cm and others. Some food for thought: How about working with only one standardized core width, e.g. 122 cm or 126 cm? During the rewinding process, you can simply cut the core to length with the cutting head at the point where the current film ends, e.g. at 61 cm. The remainder of the core can directly be used for the next job in which this width occurs again. You don’t have to walk there and back as often and you can stock up on fewer different types of cores – and the resulting higher order quantities for your standard cores can thus reduce costs. Even more optimization strategies Here you can read our suggestions regarding walkways and proper utilization of the machines. Or you can use our consulting for film logistics and digitization It is completely tailored to your company, regardless of whether you use NEPATA machines. For more information on “Film Logistics Consulting”, click here

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Dominik Haas (Technician)

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